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Internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Internet - Essay Example , the internet has become as effective as the face-to-face interactions, in providing political knowledge to people, and spurring them to political actions. The internet has influenced the political interactions of different regions of the world. This includes America, the Middle East, Africa, and the other entire world parts. In America, the transformation of politics by the internet was influenced by the 2006 white house and congressional selections. Internet continues to play a political role in the advertising different party candidates, helping in party fund-raising, and the spread of both positive and negative information. In the USA, both Democrats and Republicans have used the internet in their political campaigns. These have made use of their party blogs, candidate blogs, use of e-mail, and the interactive websites to aid their campaign process. This has been efficient in assembling crowds for rallies, raising money for the parties, and increasing the party preference for people. What has accelerated the use of the internet is because it is less costly and yet it is highly efficient, compared to the traditional methods, which a re slow and involving. Howard Dean is known for his use of social media during his campaign for the Democratic Presidential ticket, through, where he managed to get 190,000 online supporters. Through the internet, Dean was able to raise millions of dollars in a matter of a few weeks. Apart from Dean, McCain also utilized the internet in his campaigns in the year 2000. He raised $6.8 million, and had 40,000 online supporters. This shows that the internet is influential in political interactions today (â€Å"Journalist’s Resource† Web). In the Middle East, there are concerns that the internet highly contributed to the political upheaval in the form of the Arab Spring, which started in 2011. The internet is mainly blamed for influencing negatively the politics in the area, as it has contributed to the sustenance, if not

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Fall of the Berlin wall, The First Earth Day 1970 april 22nd, Essay

Fall of the Berlin wall, The First Earth Day 1970 april 22nd, Assaination of JFK, Invention of the Internet,The Columbine shooting, Cuban Missle Crisis, Woodstock - Essay Example The Berlin Wall became a representation of the bipolar politics of the Cold War that separated the worldwide community throughout most of the second half of the twentieth century. During the Cold War, the United States commanded a circle of capitalist polities while the Soviet Union stood at the center of a number of competing states whose governments supported Marxist principles of proletarian internationalism (Buckley 11). In 1989, a wave of widespread opposition in Eastern Europe against the persisting domination of communist authoritarianism led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. The fall of the Berlin Wall turned out to be an introduction to the dissolution of the Soviet Union two years later. The construction, maintenance and collapse of the Berlin Wall have represented trends of history whose global influence goes beyond the local politics of a single city. The collapse of the Wall became the catalyst to achieve German reunification, finally estab lished in 1990. In the last months of the 1960s, environmental problems in the United States were growing rapidly. Uncontrolled air pollution was associated to illnesses and death in New York, Los Angeles, and other cities, as poisonous fumes, ejected by cars and factories, made city life less and less endurable. In a move fittingly responding to the problem, an estimated 20 million Americans assembled together on April 22, 1970, in the largest organized demonstration in the history of the nation, to take part in a remarkably well-publicized environmental event known as Earth Day (Marriot 1). The anti-pollution position of these groups, after influencing the climate of political opinion at the state and local level, swiftly spread throughout editorials and editorial cartoons featured in the nations leading newspapers. Media coverage of the large youth rallies of 1969 served to influence on the American public that the United States had become an urban country with

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The significance of asking What versus Why. :: essays research papers

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Asking â€Å"why† is often a reasonable way to find out information. However, in some circumstances it limits the response and circumvents the objective for asking the question.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When trying to resolve behavioral issues asking â€Å"why† tends to lead a student on a mental chase of cause and effect. While this process is generally helpful for critical thinking, it does not necessarily promote beneficial and on-going self-reflection.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Watch someone when you ask â€Å"why† and you'll often see her/his eyes looking up as if s/he can see into her/his brain and get the answer. However, the brain is not where feelings reside; it is where they are intellectually processed. Consequently, asking a student â€Å"why† is essentially asking for an explanation. Therefore, asking â€Å"why† often promotes a sense of confrontation and judgment which puts a student on the defensive, as if s/he has to justify her/himself to you. As a result the situation has become about your needs not hers/his.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  On the other hand, asking â€Å"what† is a neutral question which does not imply judgment. It is a simple question which promotes a reporting of events and/or feelings; an important first step when trying to resolve behavioral issues. Asking â€Å"what† focuses the student’s attention inward to the heart of the matter... literally the heart, the essence of the experience†¦ the feelings. Asking â€Å"what† is a non-confrontational question that gives someone the opportunity to relate her/his experience; not to judge it and/or feel judged about it.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Equally important is that asking â€Å"what† gives the questioner the opportunity to listen without prejudice. If we truly wish to help a student change and grow then the first step is to honor her/his feelings as valid.

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Children with Reading Problem Essay

The article by Susan M. Tancock focuses its attention to the needs of special students. These students are considered poor readers. They are usually behind in reading and writing skills when compared to their classmates (peers). The special instruction that these students receive ordinarily involves the recognition of identifying sounds of letters and words instead of the construction of their meaning within the context of the text or story. In the article we are told the poor readers are usually asked to read aloud more often than other more skilled readers. Also, their teachers interrupt their reading instead of encouraging them towards a self monitoring approach to their reading. Tancock stresses the importance of being sensitive to certain ideals when tutoring young children who have reading difficulties. First of all, she feels it is of utmost importance that the tutor should truly believe that their tutee can and will become a good reader and writer. Secondly, she states that the tutee needs predictable material to help encourage successful reading habits. To accomplish this task it is best if the tutor uses quality children=s books written by well-known authors. Children can be encouraged to Aread like a writer@ by using themes that are built around the child=s personal interests. This will provide the student with a more in depth involvement with the reading process. Tutors must build lessons around the child=s strengths to build confidence within the child for future reading tasks. The students also need to be encouraged to make predictions in their reading to help develop them into risk takers. In the lesson with Gayla and Chase the author described how Gayla first sets out familiar reading material (books) for Chase to choose from so that he could read aloud. Because Chase is already familiar with these books and has probably read them in the past, it will enable him to be become confident in guessing when it comes to something difficult for him to read. By Gayla=s reminding him to read aloud so that it sounds interesting and stopping him to praise his good efforts, will involve him more in the context of the meaning of his reading efforts. One particular technique that Gayla used, was to have Chase emulate her as she reads to him. This helped to emphasize the diction and inflection for Chase. One of Chase’s books of choice related to his background knowledge of fishing and this was of great help for him to be able to recall prior knowledge when he read. Before he began reading Gayla engaged him in a conversation about his past experiences with fishing. Gayla understood this would allow Chase to explore his mind and make connections to his fishing encounters. She wanted Chase to learn how to find cues for helping himself to make guesses that would eventually lead him out of difficult spots in his reading. Gayla also from time to time used Directed Reading B Thinking Activity (DR — TA). In this illustration, Chase made guesses during reading and then by his continued reading he could then discover whether his guesses were correct or incorrect. This practice can eventually help a student to apply self-help strategies when reading in the future. Chase was also asked to recall times of difficulty and to discuss ways in which he used to solve those reading problems. Gayla then stimulated his thinking by asking him key questions. During the writing parts of the lesson, Chase was able to apply the brainstorming technique when planning what he was going to write about. After brainstorming Gayla then helped him sort his writing by relating it to his prior reading involvement. The finished writing project can also serve as a tool for future successful reading assignment because it is the student=s creation from his own personal relationship with the topic. Chase was then asked to sort some words that he had some difficulty with during his reading and writing session. In this particular student=s case he was asked to sort words beginning with s and sh. After he was done sorting he was asked to write down the few words so that he could make the connection with reading and writing. Finally Gayla read a book she had selected to read to Chase. Even though she had chosen the book, she had still remained within the theme that had been set. But the reading Gayla chose was nevertheless a little bit more difficult. After the lesson was over Chase then chose a book to take home to read to his family. Tancock states, Afluency suffers when children focus their attention more on the details of print than the meaning of the text; thus comprehension suffers too. @ Consequently as a tutor, it should be our responsibility to relieve the unneeded pressures of the details on the printed page, and to allow the child to learn with as much ease as possible the meaning of the text. Bibliography Tancock, Susan M. AA Literacy Lesson Framework for Children with Reading Problems@ The Readind Teacher, Volume 48. No. 2 Oct. 1994 Word Count: 826Ã'Ž

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Heres Why Your College GPA Matters

In high school, you likely focused on getting good grades—and, consequently, having a solid grade-point average (GPA)—because you wanted to get into a good college. But now that youre in college, you may be wondering, Does my GPA really matter any more? While that may seem like a simple question, there isnt a single, straightforward answer for it. In some situations, your college GPA can matter quite a bit; on the other hand, a GPA can mean nothing beyond whether or not youll be able to graduate. Reasons Why Your GPA Matters in College Actually, there are a lot of reasons to maintain a good GPA in college. Ultimately, you need to pass your classes in order to earn your degree—which is one of the main points of attending college in the first place. From that perspective, the answer is clear: Your GPA matters. If your GPA drops below a certain threshold, your school will send you a notice that youve been  placed on academic probation  and will inform you of what steps to take in order to recover from it. Along similar lines, you may need to keep your GPA at or above a certain level in order to keep any scholarships, other financial awards, or loan eligibility you have. Additionally, things such as academic honors, research opportunities, internships, and some advanced classes may have GPA requirements. If youre interested in participating in such a program or class, its always a good idea to check with your academic advisor about any GPA or other requirements beforehand so you can keep on track to pursue your goals. Do College Grades Matter After You Get Your Degree? Whether your college GPA will play an important role in your life after you graduate depends on your plans. For example, graduate school admissions are very competitive. Your GPA information will certainly be taken into consideration as part of the application process. If youre interested in furthering your education but the damage to your GPA is already done, youre not necessarily sunk: Good scores on the GRE, GMAT, MCAT or LSAT can sometimes make up for a sub-par GPA. (Of course, getting into grad school will be a lot easier if you focus on maintaining a good GPA from the start of college.) Even if youre not thinking about further schooling, you should know some employers will ask you for your GPA when you apply for a job. In fact, there are some companies—generally, large corporations—who require that applicants meet a minimum GPA requirement.   When a College GPA Isnt an Issue That said, if grad school isnt in your future and the corporate world isnt on your agenda, theres a good chance your GPA may never again come up after you grab your diploma. In general, employers focus more on your level of education, not the grades that got you there, and theres no rule that says you  need  to put your GPA on your resumà ©. Bottom line: Your college GPA is only as important as it is for your future plans. While you may not feel pressure to focus on maintaining as high a GPA as you did in high school, theres no reason why you shouldnt work hard in your college classes and succeed as best you can academically. After all, you never know what jobs or graduate school programs you might end up applying for years after you graduate.

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The Caterpillar Poem Analysis - 734 Words

The Caterpillar: Pillar of Thought The Caterpillar is a poem which focuses on the previously overlooked actions some of us may partake in, that may not be thought much of, but have short and long lasting effects on a scale we might not be very familiar with. Do we feel remorse for living organisms on a small macroscopic level, or is it just an insignificant part of our complex lives? Is the appreciation of life developed through experiences? Do we feel more pity for a single being that has been through trauma than we do for thousands that have not? In this poem, the conflict between caterpillars and humans is discussed in a such a way that brings up questions about how valuable we perceive other life to be, and how different†¦show more content†¦The speaker says, â€Å" I have sworn perdition to thy race†(Barbauld 14), in which they express their conflicted emotions. One side of them is wanting to slaughter the caterpillars and another is wanting to show mercy and pro vide protection. The speaker is contemplating whether or not to continue on with their past ways in persecution of caterpillars, or to realize what impact their actions had on the caterpillars. When the speaker mentions, â€Å" Where, folded in their silken webs they lay/ Thriving and happy; swept from the tree/ And crushed whole families beneath my foot†(Barbauld 19-20), they are coming to a realization that just like humans, caterpillars have families too and they attempt to strive and prosper in their community; until an unwanted person comes by and ruins their work and kills their family with their foot. When the speaker mentions virtue in, â€Å" Tis not Virtue,/ Yet tis the weakness of a virtuous mind.†(Barbauld 41-42) I believe they are talking about how it is not goodness that made them help the caterpillar, but it is the self-centeredness of human beings that drove the behaviour. Wanting to right a wrong is common in humans and perhaps the speaker felt that theyShow MoreRelatedExamples Of Marxism In Alices Adventures In Wonderland2067 Words   |  9 Pagesfollows her on a journey of initiation to a ludicrous place with talking animals and other bizarre characters. Alice s adventures in Wonderland classifies as a fantasy genre in the world of literature as it includes all the elements of the genre. The analysis of Alice s character depicts her as a feminist rebel who breaks away from the stereotypical female gender roles and explores the world of her dreams. Among several oddities, Alice uncovers that the animals of Wonderland are far more inferior toRead MoreThe Big And Small Of It All2443 Words   |  10 PagesAlice learns throughout her journey in Wonderland, discovering her true self is not always easy and can sometimes be quite intimidating. Two particularly frightening moments for Alice in this struggle are her encounters with the Caterpillar and with the Pigeon. The Caterpillar demands to know, ?Who are you, a question that both confuses and disturbs Alice because she does not even know the answer herself.7 Alice again shows uncertainty regarding her identity when asked by the Pigeon, ?Well? What areRead MoreEssay on Lewis Carrolls Alice Adventures in Wonderland3126 Words   |  13 Pagesreinterpreted many times over the years, proving its influence and popularity. There will always be a general knowledge of the characters because they are such strong and interesting subjects. Characters like the White Rabbit, the hookah-smoking Caterpillar, and the Queen of Hearts will not soon be forgotten because of their personalities and characteristi cs that are even present in their names. Many attempts have been made to analyze Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland from a number of different anglesRead MoreSummary : Toy Fair At Selfridge S Cartoon 1843 Words   |  8 PagesI. Reynolds ´s cartoon: This is a cartoon published by Punch on 27th of September 1916 and realized by Percy Reynolds. Punch was a satirical journal designed to a middle and upper class audience that published short articles, poems or black-cut illustrations as the selected source . The title of the cartoon suggests that civilians, cartoonists and journalists were imagining the design of the tanks because of the absence of official images in the beginning of the war. The drawing illustrates sevenRead MoreUse of Food in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll2931 Words   |  12 Pagesevil into the world of men. Other beliefs demanded religious offerings – be it food, valuables, or even human sacrifices – to appease the gods. An equivalent myth to the Land of Plenty, the Land of Milk and Honey, can be tracked down in paintings, poems and literary works originated in almost all parts of the planet. From Homer’s great feasts in The Iliad to Harry Potter’s lonely suppers in a cupboard under the stairs; literature of any genre originated in any period and any cultural tradition canRead MoreTeacher Action Research Paper on Reading Deficiencies in 2nd Grade Students12146 Words   |  49 Pagessubheads that organize the flow of ideas; and (5) helpful illustrations (Wong, 2004). Guided reading is conducted with the teacher to teaching basic phonics and skills for decoding multisyllabic words, such as syllabication strategies and structural analysis, which is essential for students whose reading is not accurate. Cunningham (2004) suggests that without a foundation of accurate decoding, students cannot become fluent. Readers Theater is performed as a whole group project and is an especiallyRead MoreDuchess Of Malf Open Learn10864 Words   |  44 PagesMalfi, focuses on the representation of the theme of love and marriage in the Malfi court, and the social conflicts to which it gives rise. The unit guides you through the first part of the play and will help you to develop your skills of textual analysis. This unit focuses mainly on Acts 1 and 2 of the play. You should make sure that you have read these two acts of the play before you read the unit. The edition of the play that is used in this unit is the Pearson Longman (2009) edition, edited byRead MoreChildrens Literature13219 Words   |  53 Pagesand John Locke: Late 1600s 8 3. Beginning of Children’s Literature: Late 1700s 10 4. Fairy and Folk Tales 12 The Golden Age of Children’s Literature: Late 1800s 12 5. Victorian Childrens Literature 16 6. Contemporary Childrens Literature 18 6. Analysis of Harry Potters’ series 21 7. Conclusion 30 8. Summary 31 Children’s Literature Definitions 31 The Ancient World [ancient Rome; 50 BCE to 500 CE] 31 The Middle Ages [500 to 1500 CE] 31 The European Renaissance [1500-1650 CE] 32 The 17th CenturyRead MoreSantrock Edpsych Ch0218723 Words   |  75 Pages 02-EdPsy-Chap02-6123 8/22/06 3:33 PM Page 35 Exploring How Children Develop 35 Cognitive processes involve changes in the child’s thinking, intelligence, and language. Cognitive developmental processes enable a growing child to memorize a poem, imagine how to solve a math problem, come up with a creative strategy, or string together meaningfully connected sentences. Socioemotional processes involve changes in the child’s relationships with other people, changes in emotion, and changes inRead MoreStrategy Safari by Mintzberg71628 Words   |  287 Pagesway to ensure that strategy is controlled in one mind is to keep the process simple (182). However, this point, together with the first, forced Andrews to tread a fine line throughout his text between nonconscious intuition on one side and formal analysis on the other, a position he characterized as an act of judgment (108). This distinguishes the design school from the entrepreneurial school on one side and the planning and especially positioning schools on the other. 4. Strategies should be one

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Determining My Peers Favorite Social Media Platform

In determining my peer’s favorite social media platform, I followed James P. Spradley’s concepts of explaining its explicit purpose, giving ethnographic explanations, and ethnographic questions (1979). Through these explanations and openness shared between the interviewer and informant, my peer and I were able to maintain an environment of a friendly conversation throughout the interview, which Spradley suggests is extremely important in making an informant more comfortable and willing to talk. My peer determined their favorite social media platform to be Tumblr. Tumblr is a blog site that allows for users to create their own blogs and then follow any number of blogs that they would like. From pictures to videos to quotes, Tumblr has†¦show more content†¦In using emotions to spread news or a message, Ruth Behar states the effectiveness of developing an emotional connection (1996). My peer stated, â€Å"I can post or repost from TV shows that I like, news events that I find important, or movements I feel strongly about.† Being able to have an emotional connection to understand where my peer or any individual is coming from because of their strong feelings for a particular topic better enables an ethnographer or myself to take an objective perspective. Valerie Matsumoto would conclude that a better understanding of the use of media would be through becoming an â€Å"insider† and developing a personal connection, which would drive the researcher (1996). Tumblr sets itself apart from other social media sites in its focus on everything and anything, instead of focusing on an individual’s life. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook tend to focus on a person’s everyday life and their feelings on the past, present, and future. Tumblr creates a space for people to anonymously post anything they want to. Spradley would conclude that the vast variety of information available through Tumblr could easily be used to immerse oneself in the social media culture (1979). Most individuals who use Tumblr are active several times a day, and in a way, immersing themselves in the social media platform. People begin to find favorite blogs to follow because of their similar interests and points of view. Because of this unique